Advancing Browser and Device Identification Online

We are Shield Research, a company that conducts scientific research & development in the field of browser and device identification online.

Our Mission at Shield Research

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions and technologies that help enhance digital presence and security.

Our ideals

Strive for the best

We relentlessly pursue excellence and are committed to staying at the forefront of browser fingerprint research.

Qualified R&D

With timely and extensive R&D, we continually refine our knowledge of ever-changing fingerprinting techniques.

Scientific approach

Our approach to research allows us to amplify our work efficiency and provide solutions that will have the real, significant impact.

Join the Development
Team at Shield Research

Calling Passionate Software Developers!

Are you a passionate software developer seeking an opportunity to work on projects in the field of browser and device identification? Join our development team and shape the future of digital portraits of people and companies around the Globe.

Shape the Future of Digital Presence Enhancement

As a member of our team, you will collaborate with researchers and engineers to build innovative solutions that help enhance the digital presence of businesses and their customers. You will have the opportunity to partake in groundbreaking research, develop advanced algorithms, and contribute to the creation of industry-leading products.

Become part of the Shield Research team

If you are driven by curiosity, possess a problem-solving mindset, and love achieving challenging goals, we want to hear from you!